Gay couples need right chemistry to keep their relationship going.

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You cannot tag bonding. It could be husband and wife relationship or two women are in love with each other or two men adore one another. Like any normal husband and wife relationship, gay couples are free to share beds and books with each other. Not many people know, when two gay partners live with each other, they share the same chemistry which exists between any normal couples. Like they tease each other, hug each other and also fight with each other. Gay couples know what it takes to keep the relationship going, like any normal human beings they too go through testing times. How these couples sail when the tide is against them, needs guidance. Kindly go through tips that will help when these couples find themselves on the crossroads.

If you are in a  live-in- relationship, respect the trust and honesty your partner expects from you. The first few years of a gay relationship are honeymoon period, later on, craving for the sex, settles down, some gay couples take it as a medical disorder, whereas the truth is it’s so normal, even straight couples live like friends in their later years.

There is a myth gay friendship developed in college time last forever, whereas one initiated on chat lines expires soon.

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Beauty wanes with time, but real love prevails, if you don’t find your gay phone dating partner enough attractive start focusing on his strong points it can be his face, lips, torso or voice.

In case your gay chat lines partner’s urge to do sex wanes, you can rekindle this urge, by rubbing strawberries on each other lips, you can also watch porn movies to stimulate dormant sexual desire.

Remember, life is short and tricky and the perfect moments are found in books and movies only, in real life you create these moments by understanding each other.