Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is an electronic contract record stating rules made under it along with the amended provisions related to electronic documents in various statutes. Physical or digital signature does not hold any significance in the privacy policy. It is a legal document, which both the Chatlineshub and the users of this specific website has to abide by. The website users need to accept the terms mentioned in the privacy policy and it is only after their acceptance that policy terms will be effective. The relationship between the company and its website users are govern by the policy terms.

Privacy policy is framed exactly in accordance with the Information Technology act 2000 and is published for collection, use, storage and transfer of sensitive personal data or information.

Users of the website are requested to carefully go through the privacy policy and accepting the policy before using the website that you agree, understand and accept the policy. Users are advised to refrain from this website if they do not agree with the terms and conditions of the privacy policy.

By using the website or its facilities or by sharing your information, you agree to the collection, storage, processing and transfer of all or any of your personal or non-personal information by the website as stated in the privacy policy. The collection, use, storage and transfer of information will not cause any loss or wrongful gain to you or to any other person.

User Information

Visitors coming to the website need to provide personal information like name, email address, sex, age, PIN code, credit or debit card detail, medical history, sexual orientation, bio-metric information and password for the registration process. All these information is required for website improvement to provide highly user-friendly experience to users.

The information required is dependent on the service and the information might be used to protect, maintain, improve services and for introducing new services. Freely available or accessible information on the public domain is furnished under the Right to Information act, 2005 or other law and are not considered as sensitive.


To improve site’s responsiveness for the users, we use cookies or similar electronic tools that also help in collecting information and to assign every visitor with a unique, random number. The user identification number is used to understand individual interest using the Identified computer. However, even if a cookie is assigned to your computer then also we will not be able to know you until and unless you yourself disclose your identity because cookie contain information provided by you and it cannot read data from your hard drive. The chatline companies affiliated with us may assign their cookie to your browser and we have no control on it.

On visiting our site, your IP address is automatically collected by our servers, though this IP address does not disclose your identity and it is used only to deliver you with your requested web pages, customize our site as per users choice, to measure traffic and let affiliates know the locations from where they are getting the visitors.

Links to Other Sites

The privacy policy is practiced by our own website only and we will be in no way responsible in the way you use websites whose links are provided by our website.

Information Sharing

Critical and sensitive personal information of the visitors might be shared to the third-party without taking their consent only in the given conditions:

a) In case if the information is required by law, by court, by government agency or authority for the identity verification purpose. Besides these, if the information is required for the detection, prevention, investigation or for prosecution and punishment of offenses. The disclosures are formulated in belief that it is necessary for enforcing these terms and to abide by the applicable laws and regulations.

b) The information may be shared within the associated companies and their employees and officers for processing personal information on its behalf. The recipients of information process such information strictly based on our instructions and in compliance with our privacy policy along with other apt confidentiality and security measures.

Information Security

To prevent unauthorized access or alteration, disclosure or destruction of data we adopt perfect security measures like reviews of data collection, storage, processing practices and security measures like perfect encryption and physical security measures to prevent prevent unauthorized access to systems where personal data are stored.

The website information is stored safely within the controlled database that is stored in servers secured by a firewall. The server access is limited and is protected with a password. No matter how effective security measures are but no security system is impenetrable, hence we do not ensure the security of our database as well as of your information that it will not be intercepted while transmitted over the Internet. Information posted by you in the discussion area is open for all.

Our privacy policy may change from time to time to implement vital changes due to Internet being an evolving medium. The use of collected information is ensured to be consistent with the policy under which the information was collected irrespective of the guidelines of the new policy.

Grievance Redressal

Breaching of any of these terms and any complaint or abuse related to content or comment will be immediately informed in writing to the designated grievance officer through email digitally signed.

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