Don’t see a flaw in his “SHYNESS” while Chat line dating

Men should be hot and sizzling, like chilly, that’s what girlfriends and wives expect, but as exceptions are always there if your dating partner is shy types don’t try to find flaws in his personality or doubt his male potency. There are men, who aren’t much vigorous or extrovert kind, but that doesn’t make them any less deserving singles dating partner. Here we are giving tips that one should follow if she finds her dating partner isn’t spoilt like men are…

You liked his conversation style, so after a few phone dating conversation, you send an offline dating proposal. To your surprise, you never thought, a man with such a baritone voice would behave like a meek mongoose when it comes to introducing himself.

Here we say just one thing, don’t make fun of his shy nature, accept him for what he is, there is a possibility his social anxiety is from a past traumatic experience.

If you really like your phone dating partner always make him feel light, ask funny questions, like which book he would take along if he visited moron desert or which movie was wastage of money, such questions will not only help in breaking the ice but also bring him closer.

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You can do many wonderful things that might help to overcome his shy nature, both of you can watch a blockbuster movie in a nearby theatre, this will help in reading his silence. And why forget by the time movie ends, you would have a lot of dialogues to imitate.

Like a good listener, listen to what he wants to say, let him manifest his expression, don’t interrupt when he is talking. Shy guys aren’t easy to handle, they assume their timidness might turn people away.

In the nutshell, when you find your phone chatline dating partner needs time to pour his heart out, give him this time to protect this friendship.