Mere Chatting via Erotic Phone Dating Services Would Turn into a Solid Friendship

Mere Chatting via Erotic Phone Dating

We were a happy family. My husband, our dog, tiger and I myself. Every evening when the sun covered itself in crimson hues, I longed for, my husband’s car outside our bungalow.

Once my hubby was at home, we would either have snacks while watching a movie or go for a light walk after the dinner. Like ordinary days, my weekends were not less interesting. My Saturday would start with a hot chocolate shake and it was followed by a light music on the breakfast table. Sunday’s noontime was quite slow so I would prepare a sumptuous lunch to recharge my husband’s batteries. On Sunday evenings I hardly liked cooking so we would have dinner in a restaurant near the Thames River.
Since my marriage, I had never experienced aloofness, so I was thankful to the god until one day I got this heart-shattering news. My husband met a fatal accident, one gigantic crane ran into his car and in just a  few seconds, he bid goodbye to this ruthless world.

There was no one to console me. Now my dog was my only company. Time had almost ceased for me, in just a few weeks my smile had almost vanished, to bring me out of depression, my friends suggested erotic Chatlines. In the beginning, I did not take phone dating seriously.

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The death of my husband had evolved my personality. I don’t feel shy to say, I had almost become introvert, to avert anti-depression pills, I registered myself on top Chat lines. Fortunately, I met a few genuine men with the golden heart on this phone dating site.

Now my evenings were not quiet and boring. Online conversation once again filled my life with joy and ecstasy. It’s here I met John Mathew, this man’s baritone voice reminded me about my husband. After two years’ of the phone chatting, we decided to meet at a local restaurant.

I never thought John Mathew would be in his 50’s. Mathew’s silver hair, French beared, broad shoulders and a bewitching smile stole my heart. He wasn’t like a youngster in his 20’s but his puns, style and jokes were enough to tell he was still young at heart. I still remember we shared Chocolate dessert in our first personal meeting. After the first rendezvous, we started meeting on every Saturday. John Mathew would come in his car and sometimes he hired a taxi. Soon, Mathew became an indispensable part of my life.
Slowly I discovered true Mathew behind myriad layers. On our 3rd dating anniversary, Mathew made one more surprising proclamation, he told me about his sketching skills. He proved his talent by sketching my face on the tissue lying on the table. Not to mention, that moment was a big moment for me. Seriously, I never thought casual chatting over the phone would turn into a solid friendship.

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