Why the Guy from Livelinks Chat Line Hasn’t Called You?

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The guy from Singles phone chat line took your number, but hasn’t called you? This is one obvious question that usually single women phone daters ask her. It is more questionable after the first date when both have met after mutual agreement. “Why has not he called me” – one prominent question that keeps popping in females who found him completely compatible over the call.

So, you both got connected via Livelinks phone dating services and moved further for the first date. Sounds interesting! Asking for the number of women is the first thing that a man does when he meets someone new and experiences a spark inside them. It is then women start waiting for his call.

Possible Reasons for Men Not Calling After Taking Her Number

The first question that is very common is why do men ask numbers? Is it not to call her or increase her curiosity for him? Well, experts from the largest chat line for Singles think there could be endless reasons for this. Below are listed some of the most common reasons why like-minded men avoid calling their partner even after taking her number:

1. Probably, He Forgot Which One Were You Ove the Call

So, you are cheering yourself with the thought that you are the only one whose voice appeals to his ear and caught attention. Maybe this is a wrong notion that you have developed in your mind. A chatline dating allows you to make the endless connection. There are chances that this male caller has called many women before you and asked for their numbers too. And now he is facing issues to recall which one was your number.

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2. He Want to Wait for a More Days to Call

It is a common human tendency to think that if someone took your personal contact number, he/she will call you. Similarly, expecting a call the very next day of the first date when he took your number is not wrong. Maybe you are eagerly waiting for something else too. However, at free chat lines for Singles, there are men who prefer to wait for a few days before giving her a call.

One possible reason for waiting could be that they want to process everything in their heads and plan as to how to approach his sweetheart. Some male callers do not like to sound too desperate and thus, hate rushing in relationships. They wait for the right moment to connect you over the phone.

3. He may be Busy with Other Women

One possible cause why he has not ringed you yet is that he is extremely busy in meeting his other priorities or women he spoke of earlier. There are possibilities that he enjoyed free live phone chat with one of the callers and wishes to continue with her only even after meeting you.

4. You Jumped the Singles Man from Livelinks

Let’s say both of you had a perfect time together when met in person. He asked for your contact number but has never called you since that day. There are chances that you misinterpreted the clues of his love and affection for you. Probably you were too drunk that you didn’t realize it. You directly jumped to the erotic conversation that he may have not expected on the first date. Obviously, he won’t call or take time to think about continuing with you.

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5. He Wanted to Make the First Move

When there’s a compatible level achieved, expecting things from the partner is normal. So, when you both had a fun-filled meeting after the phone chat or call, exchanging numbers is a good sign. Now both have numbers of each other, expecting him you to call is a natural thing and take the first move. Since there are callers from free Singles chat line numbers who are not sure it comes to calling his partner. It would be easier if men had to courage to tell her this feeling of him.

At times it becomes difficult to differentiate between a guy who is waiting for you to take the first step and who is not interested in you. However, if you have noticed that he is shy around you the first time, then maybe he belongs to the first category.

These are some of the most common reasons that illustrate that why men from the Livelinks phone chat line for Singles have not called you. Remember, this chatline is always free for women. So, there’s no need to feel disappointed in case he is not meeting your expectations.