Want to know if your ex dating partner is still holding feelings? Here is how?

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It is common to know for you that your ex dating partner will let you know many things after both of you broke up. He or she will tell you many things which are bit difficult to trust after both of you broke up with each other. Not only this but also you can’t even trust their actions. However, if you overanalyze your ex’s behavior, may be it will drive you crazy. But, if you want to know if your ex is really holding any feelings for you, then there are ways to find it out:

Watch out their emotions

Hating someone is not always a solution and same is the case when it is about a phone dating relationship. If you see any kind of negative reaction from your ex dating partner, then it is because they are hurt. Here, it is necessary to focus on these parts to improve your relationship with them if you want to move ahead. Also, their behavior shows their genuine expectations from you that you didn’t meet both of you. This is one of the most genuine things that you will notice about your ex when you are judging if they still have feelings for you or not.

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Strong relationship with his or her family

Here the concept is bit difficult if you want to know whether your ex is still into you or not. Sometimes, this is the situation where phone dating couples date for a long period, it’s more likely that they will become close to each other’s family. But do you know what happens when both of you broke up? Sometimes when you are in a long term relationship and suddenly both of you broke up, then your ex’s family may drop you hints that he or she can’t stop talking about you or even say that you’re the favorite out of everyone they’ve ever dated.

Few other signs to know whether your ex dating partner has feelings for you or not!!

Well, if you want to know about someone, the best thing is always to know about them by meeting in person. Have a check on their tone of talking whether they are eager or disappointed on you? Look at the body language of your ex dating partner. Have a note on their action how they behave in front of you after a break-up. These signs will let you know what they are actually thinking about you. Whether they are again flirting with you or looking for any serious relationship.

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