Livelinks Chat Line Depicts Body Language’s Meaning for Singles

The way singles chat line user move their body when having a conversation face-to-face with like-minded singles phone dating partners says a lot many things that most of us are not aware of. Experts from popular chat line for Singles strongly recommends that every chat line users across North America must know the hidden meaning of different body languages when they register their local phone number at Singles Chat line to find and connect with someone just like them.

7 Body Language Signs’ by Livelinks Phone Dating Team

Many times phone dating users who have registers their contact number at the top chat line for Singles; Livelinks is not sure what they are presenting to their phone dating partner through their body language. Due to the lack of correct information and knowledge, it is seen that often they end up their relationships presenting a wrong type of body language. Check a quick overview of various signs and their meaning that will help in connecting the right person with the accurate aim:

1. Feet are Pointed Towards You – Open to Conversation

People often see the dress and eyes of their dating partners when meeting face-to-face. However, next time if you plan for a date with local Livelinks Singles men/women, pay attention at their foot. If they are pointed towards you that indicates he/she is open to communicate and converse with you. If it is a way that shows your phone dating singles partner is not interested in talking.

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2. Black Facial Expression – Threatened Feeling

Livelinks Singles Chat Line expert believes that the facial expression of a human being says many things that sometimes words fail to explain. There are no doubts that some people possess the quality to mask their face’s expression too. However, if singles from popular chat line are looking completely blank at you that are not a good sign.

3. Open Body Language – Enjoying Your Conversation

It is a natural human tendency that when we talk to someone, we want that person to get completely engaged in the conversation. Open eyes, palms of hands, genuine smile and lifted eyebrows are some of the signs for open body language that shows that your local singles chat line partner is engaged in the conversation with you and enjoying it too.

4. Sitting with crossed arms – Don’t Feel like Talking/Chatting

When you are on the lunch/dinner date with your like-minded Singles partner and if he/she suddenly crossed arms that secretly conveying the message to stop or closed off ongoing communication. This means they are now no more interested in chatting with you.

5. Hand on the Hip – Feeling Annoyed

Standing with one hand on the hip conveys the sign for aggressive or bullying nature. Certainly, no one likes this attitude, especially when on a date with someone who you think is compatible with you.

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6. Fidgeting Sign – He/She is Anxious

If your partner is anxious, he/she may start playing with their hair or shred napkin (paper napkin). This indicates a sign of nervousness or no more interested in talking to you.

7. Hand Over the Mouth – Person Disagrees with You

If your phone dating singles partner is covering their mouth that could be due to two major reasons. Maybe he/she doesn’t believe you or trying themselves to stop speaking their thoughts.

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