Erotic chat lines dating made my evenings more tasteful.

Reliable Erotic phone dating chat lines

Hi, my name is Christ, last summer my wife went to her parents home for two months. Without her, I felt like an incomplete pair of doves. After tedious working hours, when I reached home, it seemed as quiet as a graveyard. For two weeks, four walls of my living rooms had been my companion. Honestly, in two weeks time life had almost become dull and insipid, then one day my workstation colleague told me about phone dating sites.

Initially, I didn’t like the concept, still, with a reluctant mood, I recorded the message on one of the erotic chat lines. I wasn’t expecting a call, but to my surprise, after two days, I got a call from a woman. She wanted to know about my status and passion.

I told her I was married and quite a hot in bed; I thought she would change the topic or talk about flowers and perfumes, but I was wrong, she wanted to know how hot I was. For half an hour we chatted about myriad things. Next day, once again, she called me up, I felt like on the ninth cloud. To tease her I asked “do you have luscious cups” I was expecting some naughty answer, and I guessed right, she promptly replied, “not as juicy as your balls.”

I didn’t want to abridge the conversation, to make it more hot and spicy, I immediately asked “When are you coming to taste chocolate balls” this time she became speechless, I wasn’t playing any tournament where winning the match brings glory, so I immediately switched the track saying, I was talking about chocolate balls sold by our local baker. Although I never met this woman in person, our routine chatting never ever ceased for a day.
After spending two months in her mother’s home finally, my wife returned. Like all spying wives, she wanted to know how much I missed her, and what was my evening schedule.

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I took these questions like an exam and attempted only the first one. My wife was head over heels when I opined ’’ I missed you soooooo much”. Next, she wanted to know how I managed evening time, I was about to blurt some nonsense answer, luckily the very moment our maid interrupted and I easily escaped.