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Grapevine Personals is a popular and trusted chatline company offering phone chatting and dating services to singles since 1998. With Grapevine around you are sure to find and meet a person of your choice. The Grapevine Personals is now available with exciting new ad categories that allow you to easily narrow your search. It also allows everyone find a right category according to their choice and taste. Grapevine functionality is also quite similar to other chatline companies and it requires you to record a message about yourself and connects you to other based on your messages. This chatline company stands out from the rest as majority of callers on this chatline are quite serious and are eagerly waiting to get connected and hooked-up with the single of their choice. Calling this chatline means you are entering the Vine, which is a great place to meet like-minded people and have meaningful conversation.

Grapevine Personals Singles’ Most Trusted Phone Chat Line

Since its establishment in the year 1998, Grapevine Personals has helped many singles in North America to talk and connect with like-minded singles through voice over the phone. It’s free for women and men are given a 30-minutes Free Trial offer at this reliable chat line for singles.

Every day hundreds of real singles are actively becoming a member of this top Singles chat line. Grapevine Personals is an amazing way to find and connect with like-minded singles men/women who are just like you and share similar interests.

How does Grapevine Personals Work?

1. Dial local chat line number at Grapevine Personals chat line.

2. Record the initial greeting messages for other chat line users to listen to.

3. Listen to voice messages of other singles chat line users at this company.

4. If any appealing voice is heard, send a request to him/her for a private chat.

Take Away Points at Grapevine Personals Chat Line

  • Free-trial for first-time callers are offered
  • Freedom to know the person on the other side of the phone before joining
  • Eligible singles must be 18 years to phone chat and date
  • Offer complete confidential and private platform to phone chat with singles

Category at Grapevine Personals

Choose the best category that is listed below and enjoy a flawless phone dating with Singles:

1. FLIRTing

Here pre-recorded messages can be sent to callers on the other side who are not sure as to what to say on the phone calls with phone dating partners.

2. VIP List

Members of Grapevine Personals users can track all callers at one place they are interested in. To add singles phone dater in this list, follow the instructions.

3. Cheat Notes

It reminds you about any specific caller at the Grapevine Personals chat line.

4. Text Alerts

It lets you know about any new messages that are waiting at Voice Mailbox of this popular chat line for Singles.

5. the VINE

It allows you to record your greeting message so that other users know about your preference. Once you are at this phone chat line, you can receive messages from other members of ‘the Vine’.

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