Tips By GuySpy Voice Chat Line On What You Have Crush On A Gay

So, you have been friends for years and suddenly you have developed a crush for your gay friend? Is it the case that you are attracted towards him; and wondering what to do in such cases. Never panic in such cases and try out some effective ways on what to do when you have a crush on your gay friend. These tips are suggested by GuySpy Voice gay phone chat line professionals. But, before that let us know what is a “friend crush”.

Defining the term friend crush

A friend crush is not any new thing and there is nothing to be worried about it but, what is it all about? So, if you have all of a sudden developed crush on your gay friend then all you need to do is to go for a little soul searching about why you are so attracted to this person? Figure out what all is going in your head to sort out things in a proper direction.

You must stay true to your soul as well as to yourself and here are tips to follow:

Tip 1

Never copy someone else’s behavior. Try to be the real you. Speak your own language as it defines who you are.

Tip 2

To find the crush of your life in order to know who is your perfect phone dating partner, it’s very normal thing but, never change yourself completely to suit in that person’s life..

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Tip 3

Another suggestion by GuySpy Voice gay chat line professionals is that you must enjoy every single phase of of your life. Yes it is good to admire another person but, admiration should stop at the line before your self respect..

Tip 4

Another thing, if your are phone dating a gay partner or even if you have a crush on him, make sure that you are focusing on being yourself. It is good to respect other’s opinion when dating someone but, never lose your self-respect for anyone.

Hope these tips will help you a lot about having a crush on someone. Suggestions mentioned above will help you know what to do when you have suddenly developed feelings for your best gay friend.