There are a few things you should never discuss with your lesbian dating partners

lesbian phone dating partners

Love and affection aren’t bound by sexual orientation. A woman is free to love a woman.  The society gives it a name but the fact is this love, is pure and without mixture of feelings. When a lesbian woman loves another lesbian woman, she loves to hear a few things. And she hates certain remarks. Let us check out remarks or statement she loathes…

Are you really a lesbian, you don’t look like one.

Lesbian women are bit tomboy types. They have boyish hair, their dressing sense is also boyish. They love to wear trousers and sometimes they join boys gym to tone muscles. On any good or bad day if someone asks are, you really a lesbian, then they can’t digest such acrimonious remarks, and shower abuses hard to listen.

When did you become a lesbian?

If someone asks them when did she become a lesbian, such a question really annoys lesbian girl. No one becomes lesbian by choice, and who knows this better than the lesbian girl.  

How do you deal with each other’s emotional needs?

A lesbian relationship is like any other relationship. Women couples fight and adore each other. And when anybody asks silly questions like, how do you really deal with each other, such questions perturb their mental balance.

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At least you don’t have to worry about pregnancy?

In a Christian marriage ceremony, if one asks them about the pregnancy, they definitely don’t welcome such a question. Like any other human being, they too have feelings, they get hurt to find so much insensitivity around them.

We hope when you meet a lesbian woman, you won’t ask questions that make her shy or embarrass her. Love is beyond sexual orientation, putting such questions will only portray your inhuman side.