How to find out if she is lesbian or bisexual

lesbian phone dating partner

If you are looking for a lesbian dating partner, you can visit lesbian bars or church or sports activity area. In lesbian bars you will easily find a lot of lesbian women, but how will you discover specific category in church, markets and other places?

Lesbian women don’t carry a tag which defines their lesbian status, in such circumstances, you need to read certain signs which help in discovering perfect lesbian partner. What are these signs, just check it out….

Some bisexual girls proclaim they have a radar to find if the girl is straight or a lesbian. These girls say they apply their sixth sense to chalk out the special category. As per these girls, the way lesbian dating couple dress, the way they talk about marriage equality in the relationship, all give a lot of hint about their taste.

Another set of girls proclaim haircut tells a lot about a lesbian woman. According to such girls, lesbian phone dating buddies prefer tomboy style hair. But this statement has contradictions; not all women who don short cut hair, belong to LGBT community.

You will be surprised to know, one jewellery company launched rings designed for the lesbian fraternity. Many lesbian chat lines partner purchased these Rainbow, Labrys rings to woo their dating partner.  In short, specific jewellery also gives an idea about lesbian taste.

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Body language readers opine lesbian girls have one unique quality, they can make eye contact and hold it for a longer period. So if you find a girl in a busy street and she stares at you without blinking her eyes, you can initiate a conversation.

Where you find that person also tells a lot about her, if you find that person in a gay parade or lesbian rally, there are good chances she is lesbian. Sometimes a lesbian person herself gives hint, like, if the girl says she loves to live in Provincetown, it clearly indicates, she is either lesbian or interested in lesbian. Why do we think so? Because Province-town is gay and lesbian mecca.